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Sunday, March 31, 2013

New painting-Final Touch

 We just drove this new piece out to Tucson yesterday. It is titled "Final Touch," and depicts an elder tying a shield piece to his daughter's horse. This is a 48x60 oil on linen canvas. I used the study piece extensively as a color reference, as many things were changed from the photograph.
The study was an 11x14.

 This was the horse that was changed from a white coat to a palomino shade.
 I was attracted to the face mask on this horse, it has almost a vintage circus feel to it.
 The daughter figure in this piece was wearing a lovely elk's tooth dress in a rich purple shade.
 This gentleman was painted before. His regalia was the finest I have ever seen, with multiple areas of extensive beadwork. I had asked the young woman in the elk's tooth dress if he was her brother, and she laughed-"no he is my boyfriend!" My original plan was to paint them as just a duet and title it "Courtship of the Crow." However, two competing figures seemed less ideal than three figures in a composition. I like odd numbers better.


  1. This is stunningly beautiful. I was honored to see part of your process. I admire your talent.

  2. WOAH. This is freaking amazing. Great job Meadow!

  3. Thank you! glad to be moving to the next piece, some much smaller paintings...