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Monday, April 8, 2013

Roses in the rain

 These are the first roses to bloom. Pictured above is Mme Isaac Periere. This rose is highly loved by most rosarians, but quite frankly was a real stinker last year. She was covered in mildew and produced small ugly flowers. However, this first flush is quite lovely, and the color a much richer pink than the camera could capture:
 Below is Carding Mill. This is my second bush, the first one died last year, after 7 years of wonderful production.

 Wedgewood Rose, a big bloom making pale pink rose. This is a very healthy rose with little to no problems.
 We left for a 5 day trip, and came home to giant tomato seedlings, these need to be transplanted ASAP. I have to say the soil block method is my new favorite seedling method.
 Clematis bud waiting to burst open. Most of my clematis have buds already, even though some of the vines are only a foot tall.
 My favorite Nicotiana, this is a lime green version. I also grow the pink and white, but the green is super hard to find. This was started from seed, and has taken two years to bloom. There is another type out there called strawberry lemonade, with lime green face and pink outer petals, that is next on the plant list.

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