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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Rose Bounty

 This is the harvest collected this morning from the rose bushes. About 2/3 of the bushes have come into bloom, but there are some slow goers out there that have yet to catch up.

These were gathered three days before. It is good to cut as many as possible, to keep the roses productive. The roses were separated into three color groups and photographed.
 Golden Celebration rose, Abraham Darby rose, scabious, and iris.
 Pink Traviata, Falstaff, Ferdinand Pritchard, Sir Edgar Elgar, Red Eden, and Valerian for filler
Abraham Darby, Queen of Sweden, Alnwick, La France, Kathryn Morley, Wedgewood, and green Nicotiana.
The tomato and strawberry bed is getting going. I snuck in some peppers and basil also.
This A-frame trellis came from Lowes, hopefully it will support the tomatoes as they grow. The initial tomato I planted is gigantic, hanging down from the bed and growing over the other bed. Can't wait to see some red fruit!!

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