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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Weird Roses in the garden

This is a wild and wooly looking Crested Damask rose. This is a once blooming rose with very ornate buds covered in frilly green sepals. The green parts are quite scented like rich pine needles. They are similar to moss roses.

 Small deep magenta pink rose buds open nicely into ruffled roses with a rich rose scent.

                             This damask rose is nestled with a lovely Rouge Cardinal clematis.
Here is a Green Romantica rose. It has not opened out yet, and will soften to a greenish cream when mature.

This is another weird rose called a chestnut rose. As you can see it looks like a chestnut, only it will open to a pretty mid-pink rose with a nice scent. It has a fine leaf pattern with little thorns and looks like a old fashioned rose rambler.

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