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Friday, July 26, 2013

Circus Costume-final cut

Here is the final costume from the Circus pose. You can see the corset shaping that is typical of the Edwardian era. The under layer of the skirt is a vintage striped cotton that I purchased on ebay. I bought an entire bolt of it for about 20.00. It required many yards, cut on the bias to get all the ruffling built up.
I used a ruffling attachment on my sewing machine, which was a real time saver. I also used a rolled hem foot, which turned the raw edges under-also a great time saver. I am pretty new to modern sewing techniques and tools. A serger purchased last year sat in its box until recently-out of fear of trying it!
 The lower diameter was over 90" around, and this tapered by 2/3 to the waist line.
This is the middle layer of the skirt. A wonderful dotted cotton organdy from the 40's formed this layer. Under it is a layer of pale mint green silk organza. I wanted to tie in the blue green of the corset to the skirt.I forgot to get a picture of the top layer- it is silk taffeta edged in striped bias tape. Each point has a tiny gold bell which makes a jingling sound.
 Our most lovely model Savannah is perfect for this pose. She is wearing these funky tights I found with harlequin diamonds. The boots are velvet, modern made, but a good match for Edwardian button up boots. The sheer undershirt is an antique, with frilly lace details. The hat is also an antique, with added antique embellishments.
Erik and I made this swing, and it hangs from the rafters. This has been a very fun and interested variety of materials to paint.


  1. i absolutely love this! what great inspirations for a project i am working on!

  2. Any chance you're selling the skirt?

  3. Any chance I can buy this entire costume x