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Monday, July 1, 2013

Costume/portrait painting class-Summer term

 We are starting the next term at Watts. I am teaching the costume portrait painting class. We will be doing three week poses. Here is a little preview of the inspiration photos for the first costume. The theme is Victorian Circus. My model is female, and I am making a corset and skirt ensemble that is similar to this:
The upper corset will be a pale blue silk satin, and will have a red and white striped and dotted under skirt. Here are some more inspiration pics:

 The color scheme below is really nice. I would like to make the drum thing she is standing on as a prop for class:
                                            Here are some artist renditions of circus themes
             This artist is Armand Francois Joseph Henrion. He did a ton of these Pierrot portraits.
                                                      Good old Elvgren, he is the best!
                                                   Fernand Pelez-titled "The miserable circus."

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