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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Costume class-pose two-girl from the Seraglio

 Briana is modeling for pose number two in the costume class. The theme was taken from the Orientalist movement during the Victorian age. Her costume is from Turkey, and is an antique wedding outfit. I made the headdress with scarves and antique silk.
 I wanted to try out sheer fabrics over a face. We have painted sheer fabrics over the arms and legs, but not on the head. I used the most sheer antique black silk gauze fabric. Of course, the material kept ripping over her lesson learned that very old materials might not make it through the abuse of costuming.
 This pose was shot outside the school on the lawn. I have always loved this painting by Jeremy Lipking, and wanted to do some poses influenced by it:
Such a gorgeous painting, with dappled light, and those stripes are wonderful!
Here you can see the MC Hammer pants in action, along with a hand made belt from Turkey. There is a matching velvet vest hiding behind the striped jacket.

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