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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Annie Oakley costumes

 Here is a photo of the completed rose skirt outfit. I collected vintage shooting medals for the shirt, made gaiters from linen, and used antique gauntlet gloves (which fell apart!)
 My models hair is more of a blonde shade, and Annie had brunette hair with bangs. Clip in faux hair and bangs were layered over the real hair. It actually worked well, and cost only $9.00.  Wigs can sometimes be difficult to use, especially if a model has a lot of long natural hair.
Here is the second outfit. This is a split skirt, made from a lovely English wool. If buttoned, it looks like a skirt. Unbuttoning the skirt turns it into a skort, which made sporting activities easier. The blouse is a puffed sleeve cotton twill, with a removable silk fringe collar. The rifle is a reproduction of one type that she used, a Winchester 1876. It is capped and filled, and can't be used for anything other than a photo prop.


  1. This is awesome! What a lovely recreation of the photograph.

  2. thank you, I will post paintings from this shoot in the coming weeks.

  3. So very realistic! I am working on recreating this same costume for a theatre production and was having trouble finding out what color the original really was. Do you recall where you found the embroidered roses?