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Thursday, September 5, 2013

New painting-Annie Oakley

I finally finished my Annie Oakley painting. This is titled "Annie Oakley." My most creative title yet. It is a 38x18 oil on linen panel. This proved to be a most difficult assignment. I have never worked from posthumous reference before. One of the strange things about her photographs is that she really did not look like the same person in any of the photos. I don't know if her features changed over time as she aged, or if creative Victorian photographers "enhanced" the photos. She was a very tough type.
Annie usually posed in a very stoic stance for her photos. I believe she wanted to project a strong image and be taken seriously as a marksmen.
This unusual foot stance was in a few of the photos, so I went with it for the photo shoot. I was so happy to have the prop gun, that would have been impossible to paint using a stick or some other object as a stand-in.

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