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Monday, September 16, 2013

New Regency bonnet

Here is a newly finished commission for a Regency era bonnet. This one is made from a dark gray silk taffeta outer and a deep cherry black silk taffeta inner fabric. 
This style has a round crown, and a shorter brim. It has been trimmed with antique silk velvet ribbon, pleated silk taffeta fabric, antique ostrich plumes, antique silver lace, antique button and silk lily with antique metal fabric overlay.
The brim has also been covered with French antique silk bonnet veiling in a dot pattern and handmade lace edge.
These usually covered the front of the bonnet, but we want to see each other, so I used it for the brim instead.
Here you can see the proportions being round and smaller brimmed.
The inside is pleated silk taffeta with silk ribbon ties in a mulberry shade.
This is the ribbon flower I made from silk and it is covered in antique metal tricotine fabric.

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