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Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Painting-Rides with eagles"

 This is another new piece. It is titled "Rides with eagles."  It is a 40x50 oil on linen canvas. The large size makes it difficult to photograph in details, but I have included some shots anyway.
The horse is a paint horse, which is a difficult coat pattern I have only painted a few times. Howard Terpning says that he "never saw a paint horse that didn't need repainting."
I am trying to better learn how to interpret the reference in front of me. The original model was younger and looked to be more of Italian descent than my idea of Native American. 
His head piece being smaller in nature allowed for too much dead space, so it was changed to a larger war bonnet. 
I gave him more of an aged appearance, hoping it would lend an air of wisdom that tends to accompany one who has earned the right to wear a war bonnet.

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