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Monday, November 18, 2013

New painting-Pendleton blankets"

 Here is a new piece, it is titled "Pendleton blankets." The donation and showing of blankets between tribe members is meant to place the importance on giving in the community. Pendleton blankets are highly esteemed and have been traded and given for many many decades. As a matter of fact, one blanket design is named after Chief Joseph.
This painting is oil on linen canvas measuring 24x30

Sunday, November 3, 2013

New painting- "Three years old"

Here is the last new piece I took out to Tucson. This is a very small painting titled "Three years old." It is a 12"x6" oil on linen panel. I am amazed how young dancers begin training in the Native American culture.
This shot had really nice lighting, the fingers had a glow as well as her face.
This dress is wool tradecloth-the bands of color at the lower edge as well as sleeves are part of the weave. Early trading as well as the reservation years saw a lot of this wool, and it is still produced today.