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Thursday, January 9, 2014

New painting -"Gauntlets and Gunbag

This is a new piece. It is oil on linen canvas, 30x24."  The title is "Gauntlets and Gunbag."  This elder of the Crow is wearing finely beaded gloves and buckskin shirt. He is holding his rifle in a beaded gun bag. I took some easel shots of the layering of this-they are quickie shots, so glare is unfortunate-

His silk neckerchief was also built up in layers, with a golden brown initially.

I put a bit of a cloud shape in the left corner to balance the right lean of the figure.

The gauntlets are worked from the stained underpainting through several layers of value and thickness.
 The neck kerchief was layered over the brown with purple and blue tones.
 Dark values in brown and ocher colors are laid down for the gun bag.
The beaded areas are simply stained in with a general local color in the first round.
After several layers, the final forms are finished. I tend to paint in layers over several hours or days to achieve the look of certain textures, while some areas are painted in one direct session.
His face was adjusted to show more of the "egg effect." This pushes the intensity of light to the upper area of the face where it is closer to the light source.

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