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Monday, February 24, 2014

Some manly sewing

My dads birthday was this week and I made him two things. I apologize for these quick phone shots, they are not very clear, nor as colorful as in real life. Tradition has it that I get him a really ugly shirt every year. Last year I made him a shirt without using a pattern, and it was rather ugly. This year I wanted to really do it right, so I used Colette patterns Negroni shirt. It was a great pattern. The fabric is what makes it a ridiculous shirt. I used a Japanese double gauze cotton with this busy train print in bright aqua/green.
Of course, my dad likes the print, but he likes very colorful clothing, so I should have known. I also made him a woodworking apron. I found one online and tried my best to mimic its look.
I had to guess the sizing, but it came out pretty good. I thought I would try a hand at machine embroidery, but that did not come out too well. I put my dad's name darrel on the flap pocket...he said-"well at least you spelled my name right!"
You can barely see the name on there, but maybe that is a good thing, it is pretty wonky. I had  a bit of trouble with the bias trim, it is fiddly and not perfectly sewn. The fabric is a nice heavy denim twill and I used antique bias binding from the 1910s to trim it.

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