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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Todays weekly C.S.A.

Erik and I belong to a CSA-community supported agriculture. I have mentioned them before, and think they are the greatest way to get local organic produce. The price is comparable to farmers markets, and local stores, but you know the farmers are getting their direct share of profits and you are getting the freshest of seasonal goods. In truth, our favorite part about Garden of Eden is their eggs. The eggs always sell out quickly, they have limited supply and are fabulous. The poor mainstream chicken industry is enough to turn one off of eggs altogether. Plus, those eggs are bland. The above eggs are truly from pasture raised chickens. They come from  a variety of chickens, too, and you can see the great range of colors in the egg shells like blue and green and dark brown and pink. The flavor is the best! The yolks are dark golden yellow/orange, the way they should be when chickens get to scratch for their food and exercise. 
 The produce is always seasonal, there are no summer squash or peaches yet, because those are not in season yet. I got bok choy, pink oranges, several grapefruit, lemons, beets and a couple of avocados, plus:
 Giant head of awesome butter lettuce, two cabbages, broccoli greens, and washed and ready mixed baby greens.
This is almost too lovely to eat. It will be gone tonight!

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