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Friday, April 18, 2014

Garden progress in Spring

 This end of the garden was finally tidied up, the old beds were basically removed to make room for this water trough. It is filled with three large bags of soil.
 I am trying out organic sweet corn, purple carrots, bush beans, red pepper and butternut squash. The old in ground beds were hard to keep watered, we hope this will stay moist for longer periods of time.
 Here is Kathryn Morley. Apart from the very thorny stems, I quite like this rose. It stays a nice clear pink shade without going gray when picked.
 Great shape in this unique rose-Geoff Hamilton. It has a very round shape to it with many petals.
 Terribly high maintenance hybrid tea rose-Green Romantica. I had to have it...but, it gets a lot of mildew and looks messy and dingy. It may get the axe this year.
 This is red eden, it is covered in these big ball shaped blooms. Very healthy and upright looking plant, although the weight of the flowers causes them to hang down.
 Here is the original Eden rose-one of my all time favorites. It has the greatest coloring, almost hot pink at the tips, fading to white and tinges of green.Very healthy.
 Finally, after several years and even a dead rose the first time, I have a great looking Claire Austin. So far, it is healthy and putting out a lot of nice creamy toned flowers.
 A new rose this year, MME. Hardy. An old garden rose, once blooming, and purported to grow into a very large bush. I find the flowers unique and lovely with the green button center and quartered shape to the petals.
 The great and very healthy Pink Traviata. This is a very easy rose to grow, with coloring that stays rich after it is picked. It produces a lot all season long. Sadly, it has little scent and a lot of thorns, but it is worth it to have such a great color.
 Another new old garden rose, this was received as a free rose from Rogue Valley roses. It is Marianne, also a once bloomer, and has larger peach roses with nice rich scent.
If you want a very very blue flower that is easy, try blue pimpernel.Anagallis is the proper name. It is related to the scarlet pimpernel, only it is a fantastic shade of blue. At dusk, it closes it petals, and opens them again when the sun comes out.

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