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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pow Wow and Taos

I went to the Gathering of Nations pow wow in Albuquerque a couple of weeks ago. It is situated in a very large convention center "pit" style with close dome. This is great for the dancers, as it keeps them out of the sun and elements. However, it was not great for the limited skills and equipment of myself the photographer. Fluorescent lighting gives everything a greenish pallor, and is just not strong enough to prevent blur during actions shots. I took many photos, and 99% of them are either blurry like this:
Or blocked by a crowd member:
I was in the way pretty much wherever I tried to take photos. I finally found a good spot on the arena floor, but a little three year old boy kept hitting me and told me to get out of his play area. Live and learn! Outdoor pow wows are better for the lighting conditions and warmth of skin tone that I prefer.
So, I drove out to Taos, to visit the Pueblos.
Photography there is rather protected, and rights must be secured to use the photos for artistic and commercial purposes. If there are any photos that I want to use in paintings, I must negotiate with a Tribal leader an appropriate price for usage. Fortunately, the sun came out as I wandered around,and there may be some useful photos for paintings down the road. There are many wandering dogs around the place, they don't seem to mind the photos if you give them cookies
This one looked like a furry bear, he just wanted to hang out by the river.
There is an amazing show in Taos at the Fechin museum-60 of his paintings and drawings are on display. It was a terrific assortment of works, and the added beauty of his hand built home is worth the trip alone.

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