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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Trip to Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho

 A couple of weeks ago my dad and I took a trip to Montana, Jackson Hole, and Idaho.  I scheduled a big photo shoot with a Native American coordinator. Although this shoot was planned for months and months, we did not foresee the weather being a factor in its fruition. The shoot was originally planned in take place near Jackson Hole Wyoming. I booked the flights and lodging and prepared for all the other things. The location was changed to Montana a few months after the booking. Of course, the flights and lodging were non refundable! I told my Dad we would need to drive to Mo for the shoot, which is about an 8 hour one way trip. I paid to change our flight to land in Montana and fly out of Wyoming, thinking that would save one 8 hour trip. We would fly in, get a hotel for one night and then drive out to Wyoming after the photo shoot. The first issue was getting a rental car, as the airport in Montana was sold out and they sent us to another location in town. It was starting to rain on the day of our arrival and the prospects of a photo shoot the following day were not good. The coordinator got in touch to re-schedule the shoot for three days later. We knew we would have to drive to Wyoming, stay in our lodge for a couple of nights, then drive to Montana for the photos, and back to Wyoming to get our flight home. The second issue was the rental car. Enterprise would not allow us to rent a car as we had only credit cards that are linked to bank accounts. Erik and I gave up our revolving credit cards years ago in a pledge to live debt free. My Dad follows that plan as well, so we were unable to get a car. To their credit, they tried all around town to get us a rental, and there were only two places with rentals for debit/credit cards-Rent a Wreck, and Avis.Avis was sold out for two days. Off to Rent a Wreck. The man at the counter got off the phone and told me he had rented the last car "just now." Well damn! We were starting to panic. I saw he had Uhauls in the yard, and asked if we could get a van. So, we rented a van, drove to Wyoming, and back to Montana it this:
It was terribly loud, uncomfortable, and huge, but it had wheels and an engine. 
The drive to and fro passes one through not only Yellowstone, but the Grand Tetons National Park.
Sunset through the Tetons was quite lovely

By day they have a majestic purple glow. We caught a lot of snow flurries on the drives

It was eerily gray and quiet, except for the loud popping sound of the rocks that got caught in the van tires.
The day after the storm was sunny, and had blue skies.
This was one of the first times my Dad used a digital camera, and he took a lot of great photos. Our legs and knees hurt quite a bit after the shoot, from squatting and maneuvering around.
After the shoot, we drove BACK to Wyoming (third time making the drive at 8 hours a pop!) Just to add to the drive, we went to Idaho, which is on the border. My Dad shot some aspens out there:
The photo shoot went well, quite worth the driving and expense of a remote photo shoot. Here, the coordinator puts the moccasin back on the little girl. It was a glorious day of sunny weather.

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  1. Wow, that sounds like a rough start! I am so glad it went well! It looks beautiful.