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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New roses in the garden 2015

There are some new additions in the garden. These were all purchased last year, but they were small plants which were not really ready for blooming. I have been focusing on more old garden types, including the class of once blooming roses.
This is Felicite Parmentier. It is a ruffled frilly rose in pale pink to cream shades. The buds are quite decorative.
These two darker pink roses are Gallica roses-Crested Sweetheart. The buds are very unique, much like chapeau napoleon. It only blooms once and has very thorny stems.
This is a repeat rose from David Austin-Princess Alexandra of Kent. Possibly my top five favorite rose right now. Very prolific bloomer with great scent and large gorgeous pink flowers that have a unique warm to cool coloring.
Here it is again on the left in a more opened state. They can be 5-6 across sometimes.
This is Ferdinand Pichard, a hybrid perpetual, it blooms more frequently, but has stubby stems. I have been on a quest for striped roses.
This rose in the middle is a nice striped one that I lost the tag to...have no idea now what it is, but it is a more modern type.

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